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List of the Best Cancer Hospitals in the World


May 6, 2016
List of the Best Cancer Hospitals in the World

A cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest moments of a person’s life. Many people take comfort in being able to rely on the best doctors in the best cancer hospitals around the world.

Cancer, no doubt, is one of the most dangerous diseases in the human history. It is actually the uncontrolled division of body cells in every direction. Cancer results tumors and damage body parts, because the tumor cells spread and divide in the body rapidly. This is why, the control of cancer hospitals is mandatory and there are so many treatment justifys and hospitals in the world. We strongly need to develop medicines and permanent treatments so that this disease can be cured and human lives can be saved.

Some of the Top cancer treatment hospitals and research justifys in the world are located in other parts of the world in spite of the undeniable fact of the great concentration of maximum number of good cancer clinics and research justifys in the USA. Some of the finest cancer care facilities in the continent of Europe are also famous to be considered as the best cancer hospitals in the world.

Johns Hopkins Hospital,USA

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is widely recognized as one of the greatest hospitals in the world located in Baltimore, USA. It has the most advanced diagnosis facilities and treatment plans. The researchers of this hospital have got much advancement in diagnosing and treating cancer hospital and has been discovered that cancer is a genetic disease. This hospital with capable staff knows how to maintain a balance between the physical and mental health of the patient. They emphasized that the mental health of the patient is also very important like physical health and therefore completely discuss the treatment plan with the patient until she or he is satisfied. The multi-specialty and integrative access of cancer treatment along with best medical practitioners and best researchers in treatment of cancer in the country contributed a lot in the worldwide reputation of this hospital as one of the world’s best cancer hospital.

Institute Gustave Roussy, Europe

This Paris based institute is undoubtedly the best cancer hospital in Europe and provides most innovative treatment of the disease with extensive research in the field of gene cancer therapy, immune therapy and cell therapy. It also specializes in latest surgery techniques like minimal invasive surgery and radiotherapy guided surgery.

Stanford Clinic and Hospital, California

The Stanford Clinic and Hospital is located in California. It is famous the world over for treating and diagnosing cancer patients with great care. Some of its other specialties are organ transplantation, cardiovascular medicine and surgery, neurology and neurosurgery. The hospital is wide and has employed various doctors, physicians, and nurses to make sure the quality of healthcare facilities to the patients.

Princess Margaret Hospital, Canada

This Toronto, Canada based cancer specialty hospital excels in providing treatment for the disease, making it earn a place in the list. Additionally, it has been known to successfully give some of the longest living bone marrow recipient cases to the world.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Justify, New York City

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Justify is a cancer treatment justify and research institute in New York City that was established in 1884 as the New York Cancer Hospital. It is known as the world’s oldest and largest cancer hospital that is full dedicated towards its services in providing the best care and treatment to its patients. It was the first hospital that provided services according to the psychiatric aspects of cancer in order to relieve the pain of cancer and to provide genetic counseling and psychological support and make them better able to cope with cancer. This hospital has accommodation for almost 470 patients and has 21 operating rooms and it is a leader in chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer surgery. Here hundreds of neuroendocrine tumors patients are treated each year.

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