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Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World


Sep 11, 2012
Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World

Cosmetic surgery is big business. The numbers of patients getting under the surgeon’s knife to look more beautiful and attractive are on the rise.


Cosmetic surgery is big business. The numbers of patients getting under the surgeon’s knife to look more beautiful and attractive are on the rise. Liposuction is the popular procedure with nose reshaping or rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, eye lid lifts, tummy tucks to getting that killer looks and eye catching smile, there are innumerable procedures that are employed now a days to get that dashing looks and attractive face & body.


There are a whole lot of cosmetic & plastic surgeons claiming to be authentic and credible, eyeing the potential customers, displaying their advertisements on the internet but not all are real and credible. Credibility is in fact not achieved by the diplomas, certificates and degrees.

  • Experience іѕ а vital aspect of а plastic or cosmetic practitioner. His years of service will partially determine the credibility of bеіng one of the most reliable plastic surgeons. The years of successful operations and оthеr procedures given and undertaken for people will speak for themselves. Plastic surgery іѕ not а simple procedure that must be done by аnуоnе who hаѕ the qualifications. Cosmetic surgery nееdѕ mastery оvеr time. Innovations that соmе with it оvеr the years аlѕо are developed gradually with time only.
  • Best cosmetic surgeons need to have the successful track record of cosmetic surgeries which they had performed in the last so many years. They had been appreciated by the reputed health publications and news channels throughout the world. They are also felicitated by the international medical bodies for their genuine contributions in the cosmetic surgeries of some of the most difficult cases with artistic precision and accuracy.
  • Best cosmetic surgeons or the best plastic surgeons need to have recommendations from the various renowned clienteles he had performed upon. You can also participate in the chats and forums or blogs to get the sabbatical view of the correct opinions regarding the authenticity and credibility of the cosmetic surgeon.
  • Best cosmetic surgeons or best facial plastic surgeons know their client’s needs. They should also give their correct expert opinion before and after the procedure.
  • Best cosmetic surgeon or best plastic surgeon or best facial plastic surgeon is not profit oriented and will be truly concerned whether or not the cosmetic or plastic surgery is advisable or recommended to correct the problem.
  • There have been number of unsuccessful cosmetic surgery cases in the past due to incorrect advice to operate upon when it was unnecessary and procedures conducted by some inexperienced or inefficient cosmetic surgeon leading to problem rather compounding. Hence utmost care must be taken in appointing the cosmetic surgeon.

There are 872 top plastic surgeons on the list of U.S. News Top Doctors. These physicians were selected based on a peer nomination process. Within this list of the best plastic surgeons, 192 have been named to a highly selective list of America’s Top Doctors (ATD) by achieving national recognition for outstanding work.

Through this post, we would be introducing you with some of the most famous cosmetic surgeons who have earned their name and fame from their work and are appreciated the world over.

Dr. Francis R. Palmer III MD

Tattler magazine voted Dr Francis R. palmer III as the best cosmetic surgeon best plastic surgeon and best facial plastic surgeon in the US and rest of the world. Dr. Francis R. Palmer III MD, who is the past director of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at a major teaching institution at Los Angeles. He is the medical director, founder and chairman of the palmer code institute of Beverley hills, specializing in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery treatments.

Known as one of the world’s best Aesthetic surgeons Dr. Palmer can be found in Beverly Hills. Dr. Francis Palmer has been seen on Fox TV, NBC and ETV. He earns his living by making beautiful people even more beautiful. His plastic surgery profession is done mainly on the face and neck and he has earned the title of one of the world’s best.

Dr. Francis R. Palmer III MDstrives for the best. He has done the cosmetic surgery in the society and film circles and you can find admiration of his work in almost all the fashion and film magazines. Discretion is everything and you cannot make mistake and do cosmetic surgery together is his success mantra.

Dr. Garth Fisher

Another Doctor that is extremely popular is the man that had become a household name because of the show known as “Extreme Makeover”. Dr. Garth Fisher is a cosmetic surgeon who is also located in Beverly Hills. He focuses mainly on the face and breasts and you will see that he is offering some of the world’s most popular entertainers his services.

These doctors have gone through medical school, as well as special training. If you are ever thinking of getting a procedure done you should always check the credentials and experience of your surgeon.

Not all of us can afford a world famous surgeon but when we do our homework well, we too can find a very well qualified and adored doctor that is willing to do our surgery too. You do not have to be a millionaire to afford a plastic surgeon, but be sure you’re getting a surgeon that is skilled and qualified in the type of surgery you are looking.

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