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Find the best Dentists in France that you should be able to get basic dental care in France at a reasonable price, and to a high quality.

You can choose your dentist in France freely although of course going to the dentist is not free (except to children). Called a dentiste or chirurgiens-dentiste – you can find a dentist in France in the yellow pages (pagesjaunes.com), or ask at your local Town Hall for details. You do not need a referral from your doctor in order to obtain reimbursement from the French National Health care service (see here for details on how the French National Health service works). Most dentists work within the framework of the public health system, so your general dental treatment is reimbursed in much the same way as other medical treatments and visits.

Dentist in France

Affordable dentist in France are in some cases the best dentist you’ll find. Frequently times a dental office may very well be giving discounts since they know that dental perform can be costly and they genuinely are out to help much better serve the public.Affordable dentist in France don’t happen often, so after you locate a dentist you’ll be able to afford and whom you are comfortable with, it’s most likely an excellent idea to help keep on very good report with them by scheduling future visits ahead of time and staying current on your bills.

Dr. Jean-François Leclerc

Le Vesinet in France is the location of this clinic where a highly qualified and experienced dental surgeon and orthodontist welcomes patients of all ages. His aim is to improve the smile, speech and bite of patients by correcting the alignment of their teeth. The clinic has an onsite laboratory where a highly qualified dental lab technician fabricates appropriate appliances for the benefit of patients. Services provided include orthodontic assessments, the services of a dental hygienist, interceptive and conventional orthodontic treatments for children and adult orthodontics using Invisalign clear aligners.

Docteurs Paulus Et Richard

At our dental practice understand that all of our patients have one thing in common: your smile is incredibly important to you. This is not hard to understand considering that your smile is one of your key physical assets and perhaps the one – second only to the eyes – that says the most about you! If your teeth and gums are not healthy, you will probably struggle to smile with confidence and this can have far-reaching ramifications on all areas of your life, from the social sphere to the professional working environment.For this reason, we  are not only concentrate on improving your standard of oral health and hygiene, we also focus on how we can bring out the beauty of your smile! Dental esthetics are as important to our patients as they are to us and so we have made available a suite of procedures and treatments designed to put the glint back into your grin.

Cabinet Dentaire Galilée

Dijon in France is the location of this clinic where a full range of dental services are provided for patients of all ages by a family oriented dentist and his team. Saturday appointments are offered to accommodate busy schedules at the clinic. The focus of the dentist is to help patients enjoy long term dental and oral health and beautiful smiles for a lifetime using the best available dental technology and techniques. Services include examinations and oral hygiene services, general dental care, the cosmetic improvement of smiles and the surgical placement of implants to replace missing teeth.

Dr. Claudine Samuel

Consulation & replacement of missing tooth Dr Samuel did a fabulous job replacing a tooth I had lost while my wife & I were travelling in Europe. Excellent service and a rapid response to my problem.

Cande in France is the location of this clinic where a skilled and experienced orthodontist welcomes patients of all ages. Sophisticated technology and leading edge techniques are used to correct the alignment of the teeth of patients. All cross infection control regulations are strictly observed for the safety of patients at the clinic. Services provided include orthodontic assessments, emergency orthodontic care, interceptive orthodontics for young children, thumb sucking prevention assistance, fitting functional appliances for children and adolescents and fitting aesthetic appliances including Invisalign clear aligners or Incognito lingual appliances for adults.


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