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Insurance for Brain Cancer Traveler with Common Symptoms


Nov 5, 2014
Insurance for Brain Cancer Traveler with Common Symptoms

If you are, or have been, a brain cancer patient with some earlier symptoms it can complicate your search for travel insurance, but there may still be ways you can find the right cover for your needs.

Travel insurance is essential before travelling anywhere. Whatever your reasons, if you’re travelling with an illness or making arrangements for a family member, an important aspect of the planning is travel insurance – knowing your covered in the event of a medical emergency while you’re away from home can bring real peace of mind while on holiday.Finding travel insurance can be a challenge for cancer sufferers or anyone who has a pre-existing medical condition, as termed by insurance providers. If you have been diagnosed with cancer you may find it hard to get affordable travel insurance. Travel insurance for cancer is designed to protect you should cancer or the medications you take for it cause you any problems on holiday. It can cover you if have to cancel your trip, require emergency medical attention abroad and the costs to get you home. We can urge travelling companions to be insured on the same specialist policy so that they too can claim if their holiday plans are affected.

Some travel insurers specialise in covering pre-existing medical conditions and many offer cover to cancer patients. It can be difficult and more expensive to obtain cover when you’re undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy and it if you are struggling to get accepted for cover, you may find it easier to apply once you have finished treatment.

Cancer insurance may in vary according to the cancer type. Cancer is a disease which affects the cells in your body and there are many different types of cancer which affect different cells. The commonality between different types of cancers is that the cells are all abnormal and multiply at an increased rate. There are vast differences between the different types & symptoms of cancer, so it is important that you know exactly what type of cancer you have, and details such as whether it has spread and how the cancer is being treated.

Common Symptoms of Brain Cancer: The exact symptoms you have will depend on many factors, including the size of the tumour and its position in your brain. Some brain tumours don’t cause any symptoms and may only be discovered by chance.The most common symptoms of brain tumours are headaches and seizures. If you have a headache, it may be worse at night and early in the morning, but wears off as the day goes on. You may also feel sick or vomit and have blurred vision. These symptoms can be caused by increased pressure in your skull from the tumour – this can happen even if your tumour is benign. Although headaches are one of the most common symptoms, it’s important to realise that headaches are extremely common and brain tumours are very rare – most headaches aren’t caused by brain tumours.
If your brain tumour causes you to have seizures, you may become unable to speak and have moments of unconsciousness. Alternatively, you may have weakness on one side of your body, difficulties with speaking, reading and writing, problems with hearing or sense of smell and changes in your personality, memory or mental ability. This may be because your brain tumour has grown into particular areas of your brain and is pressing down on them.

For travel insurance, this is normally calculated using the following factors:

  1. The age of the policy holder(s)
  2. The holiday destination
  3. The length of the trip
  4. Any planned activities (for example, winter sports)
  5. Any pre-existing medical conditions.

Some Insurance providers refuse to cover travelers with pre-existing medical conditions because they too much of a risk. Simply put, the risk of medical complications is higher and can lead to more costs for the insurance company. This is especially true in the case of cancer patients who due to a damaged immune system as a side effect of chemo-therapy are much more susceptible to infections and diseases.

Coverage for brain cancer sufferers

There have also been cases where travelers that had been accepted for a travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions had trouble filing insurance claims. One case that cought our attention was regarding a traveller that had cought an infection while travelling but because of his bad immune system (which was damaged by chemo-therapy) couldn’t fight it off, it was quickly related to the cancer, leading to a rejected claim.

Cheap Travel Insurance with Brain Cancer Tumour

Travel insurance with brain tumour need not be expensive provided you don’t put all your trust in just one insurance company. At payingtoomuch.com search for insurers that can provide our customers with competitive prices for a wide selection of destinations and for any pre-existing medical conditions that need to be disclosed. In this way ensure that travellers that suffer from brain tumour also get the cheapest cover can find.

Travel insurance with brain tumour included: It’s important that if you suffer with brain tumour or any other pre-existing medical condition that it is disclosed when you apply for a travel insurance policy as otherwise the policy may not pay out if you need to make a claim. Travel and holiday insurance comparison: Our travel and holiday insurance comparison service is designed to provide cover for customers with pre-existing medical conditions. The providers offer quotes from a panel of specialist insurers, specifically designed to cover any condition you may have. There is also no upper age limit on any of our policies.

Early Brain Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Some insurance providors specialise in obtaining life insurance for people with medical conditions, including life insurance for Spine and Brain cancer.
You can get an online indicative quote for life insurance with Spine and Brain cancer here. Read on for some information about Spine and Brain cancer and how it may affect a life insurance quote. Quotes for Insurance for people with Spine and Brain cancer: If you are looking for Life Insurance cover and wish to understand how your Spine and Brain cancer may affect the premium level that insurers are likely to offer you, visit allclearlifesupport.

International Health Cover is an global Health care Insurance advisor. The providers have excellent relationship with major International medical insurance carriers. The providers guide you through each step of the choice of your medical insurance and provide you with personalized recommendation over a range of International Health Insurance insurance solution. Free Spirit provides travel insurance cover for people of any age who have pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities. Free Spirit was the first scheme of its type specifically dedicated to those who find difficulty in getting travel insurance medical conditions cover elsewhere due to their health, disability or age. By covering your medical condition, Free Spirit gives you the protection and peace of mind you need when you travel.

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