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The Best Physical Therapy Clinics In New York


Apr 22, 2015
The Best Physical Therapy Clinics In New York

Physical Therapy, or functional rehabilitation, helps patients improve and maintain functional abilities needed for activities of daily living.

Physical therapists are experts in the way the human body moves. They use a variety of techniques to promote movement, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. They help prevent loss of mobility by developing fitness and wellness oriented programs to help people achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle. Physical therapists apply research and proven techniques to help people get back in motion. They are required to receive a graduate degree from an accredited physical therapist program before taking the national licensure examination that allows them to practice. They are licensed by the Board of Education of the State and may also hold specific specialty certifications from the American Physical Therapy Association or other institutions.

Choosing one of the best physical therapy clinics in NYC can help ensure that you receive the best care and speed the progress of your treatment. Most physical therapists accept insurance.

Physical Therapy in NYC

Physical Therapy in NYC

Sports Physical Therapy of New York

When you’re looking for physical therapy in NYC, one of the top places to go is Sports Physical Therapy of New York. This company’s motto is “care in motion,” and it is well-known as one of the best physical therapy clinics in NYC. The company also focuses on giving back to the community by holding blood drives, donating medical equipment, and sending cookies to military personnel stationed overseas. One factor that differentiates Sports Physical Therapy from other justifys is that the staff keeps in touch once you go home. It seeks progress reports from those doing home exercises and offers open communication to ensure recovery. Along with the NYC office, the company has twenty other offices across the state, offering specialty services to patients.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy

ActiveCare Physical Therapy is ideal for those looking for physical therapy in NYC in the midtown area. The justify, which is owned and operated by Karena Wu, is a good choice for anyone looking for one of the best physical therapy clinics in NYC. Wu and her fully trained staff provide only the most up-to-date treatment options available, including hands-on therapy, tissue immobilization, and Pilates-based training. The justify’s goal is to help you heal as quickly and as safely as possible with home-based treatment plans and one-on-one sessions in a spacious studio. ActiveCare is part of a network of physical therapy providers that includes top doctors, chiropractors, surgeons, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and practitioners of alternative medicine. These professionals work together to make the rehabilitation process go smoothly. Most major insurance policies are accepted.

NYSportsMed & Physical Therapy

If you’re seeking one of the best physical therapy clinics in NYC, the New York Sports Med and Physical Therapy justify offers a wide variety of doctors and services. Each type of treatment is individualized to meet the patient’s needs, and the justify offers electromyography, occupational and hand therapies, trigger-point injections, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The physical therapists who work with the clinic are some of the best in their field. The justify accepts policies from most major insurance providers and works in conjunction with some of the top doctors in the state. If you need physical therapy in NYC, New York Sports Med will help you improve strength and mobility and provide you with a plan of action to reduce pain and restore function.

Body Tuning and Physical Therapy

You don’t need to have been injured recently to get physical therapy in NYC. Body Tuning and Physical Therapy allows even those with old sports injuries to get the attention they deserve. The justify believes that even if you are not currently suffering from a significant injury, your body still needs tune-ups as you get older in order to maintain mobility. The trained staff use manual approaches to treatment such as medical massage, exercise, and orthopedic physical therapy rather than relying on machines. The justify can treat a wide range of conditions, including back pain, muscle spasms, age-related stiffness, sprains, sinusitis, and insomnia. Treatment is based on the premise that once a body is in top shape, it can function properly. Providing physical therapy in NYC and across the nation, its justifys aim to ease pain and suffering for all those who seek help.

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