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Plastic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey


Feb 22, 2013

Turkey making a name for itself in plastic surgery, there’s been a boost in plastic surgery tourism.

Turkey is now vying being one of the top five countries in plastic surgery tourism with a few 350,000 people visit Turkey annually to become nipped and tucked.

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Plastic Surgery Tourism

Compared to other countries, plastic surgery in Turkey is inexpensively, for example, Nose remodelling surgery in Europe costs 15,000 euros, as the price drops to 2,500 or 3,000 euros in Turkey.

America still has the largest share from the plastic surgery tourism market, taking $5.5 billion annually. It is followed by Europe that takes 3.5 billion euros its keep is Brazil and Turkey.

Foreign patients originate from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, holland, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Turkmenistan, undergo their procedures and recuperations in Turkey after which return to their home countries.

Why should you go to Turkey for your plastic surgery?

Many reasons exist why people consider having plastic surgery. It is sometimes for a breast enlargement or liposuction – it is sometimes for plastic surgery, for example after any sort of accident. Whatever your motivation is perfect for having cosmetic surgery we want the surgery to provide you with a better quality of life. For this reason, we’re working only with leading hospitals along with a team of experts for the welfare.

  • Selected team of experts is among the best surgical specialists in neuro-scientific Plastic Surgery – We provide only the best – for the safety
  • No non-transparent treatment by medical assistants: You will simply be treated by well-trained and experienced Prof. Dr. Ismail Ermis
  • Most advanced technology – for the greatest precision
  • Within the clinic, and in practice, EU Hygienic Standards Guidelines are maintained
  • Despite security, progress and also the best care: Save up to 70% on costs in contrast to treatments in Europe
  • Guaranteed English-language service in the clinic
  • In contrast to other Internet suppliers, you’ll receive detailed advice from us before your vacation. Your course of treatment and routes are discussed and planned along with you in every detail. You receive everything personally, and all sorts of under one roof
  • Of course you can also book combined travel, for example eye surgery and breast enhancement. Simply talk to us, with no obligations and it is free of charge!
  • When having several treatments, everything combined in one treatment can be more favorable, please ask us for individual offers
  • Using the detailed costing you will receive, the expense are 100% transparent. On site in Istanbul not one other costs will be incurred.
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  • Chauffeur service from Istanbul airport towards the clinic / hospital
    Full patient support service 24/7
  • Free consultation
  • Recover in fashion and comfort in your luxury holiday hotel.
  • Free after care on your stay
  • Chauffeur service to Istanbul airport for the flight back home
  • Fast efficient service – immediate treatment – no waiting lists
  • To become reactive and responsive to the requirements of their clients
  • Excellent quality of service
  • High-speed delivery of services
  • Inexpensive all inclusive prices
  • To provide a safe safe environment at all times Ensuring client safe practices is paramount
  • Strive constantly to keep the highest levels of service
  • Simple easy booking procedure

Reaching Turkey by Air

Sabiha Gökçen Airport terminal, Sabiha Gökçen – located 40km from Istanbul, manchester international is connected to other parts of the nation using shuttle buses and taxis.

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Atatürk Airport terminal, Istanbul – 24km west of Istanbul manchester international is serviced by the Havas bus company, which travels regularly to and from the airport and centre. Rail services and taxis can also be found for transportation to and from manchester international.

Other airports include:

Antalya Airport, Antalya
Dalaman Airport, Dalaman
The nation also has its own national airline, Turkish Airlines, which supplies internal flights within Turkey.

By water

Numerous cruise and ferry services provide international routes that dock in Istanbul, Marmaris and Antalya. There’s also ferry services from Rhodes to Marmaris or Fethiye.

Car rental

The documentation for care hire in Turkey features a national licence or International Driving Permit (for non EU visitors), Green Card International Insurance and Turkish third-party insurance. Car rental can be booked in most major Turkish cities and could be booked through representative offices.


Taxis can be found in all major Turkish towns. Addititionally there is the option of the dolmus taxi service, which supplies minibuses or collective taxis which use designated routes, with each passenger make payment on fare according to the travel distance to some specific stop. This is often a less expensive option than a regular taxi run and is provided in most from the larger cities, also connecting many neighbouring towns.


Turkey is a country with a great deal to give the traveller. Istanbul itself is rich in historical and cultural landmarks and also the rest of the country boasts beautiful beaches and countryside. Turkish hospitality is known and the cuisine is one of the world’s finest.

  • Hotels – Turkey includes a range of hotels from 1-5 stars. You may also choose from a range of 1st and 2nd class villa rentals and motels, which are area of the national hotel association TUROB and registered using the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Guest Houses – Many major towns within Turkey provide guest houses and holiday resorts.
  • Self-catering – Apartments and villas can also be found to rent along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.

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