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South Korean Plastic Surgery Costs and Clinics


Aug 23, 2014

South korea is the booming hotspot for cosmetic plastic surgery highlighting Facial Bone Contouring, lipoplasty, cosmetic breast Surgery, nose- eyes surgery, anti-aging and rhinoplasty at affordable cost clinics.

The practice has been growing in popularity for a few years now, but a recent boom in plastic surgery tourism from nearby countries like China and Japan and korea and india.South Korea is a well-known plastic surgery hot spot, with tourists from other parts of Asia and the world flocking to Seoul for the latest procedures. Korea has an impressive medical system and boasts one of the world’s leading treatments not only for liposuction, breast contouring, two jaw-, nose- and eye plastic surgery all related to the cosmetic plastic surgery field, but it’s also leading in treatment rates for stomach-, liver- and cervical cancer.Including dental, dermatology, oriental medicine and other types of clinics, Seoul has approximately 15,900 World Class quality clinics and hospitals! Thee are many cities of south africa like Seoul (Capital of South Korea), is a preferred and leading destination for medical plastic procedures and offers world class quality medical services and procedures at an affordable cost, relaxing and comfortable accommodations and facilities as well as healthy foods all within a dynamic and exciting city! South korean Seoul city alone is home to 56 major hospitals, as well as over 500 cosmetic plastic surgery clinics and 11 international clinics & justifys. Plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district has been issued a fine for displaying a decorative tower made of jaw and chin bones that were removed from patients during facial contouring procedures. The Gangnam district office on Wednesday required the clinic to remove the lobby exhibition and levied a 3 million won fine ($3,200 USD) for violating medical waste disposal laws.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Costs in South Korea

Much of the South Korea’s impressive plastic surgery growth has been fueled not just by the quality of the services offered but also their lower costs. With devaluation of the won (the Korean currency) relative to the yen and dollar, Koran plastic surgery prices have trended even lower for recent visitors from nearby or distant countries. Advestised costs used to be about half of what was charged in the United States. At least for now, foreign exchange rates have dropped that fraction to about one-third. Not surprisingly, the influx of foreign patients has responded with a surge even as the country’s internal demand has softened due to global recession. A recent survey by the Korean Tourism Ministry revealed that American medical visitors do not always agree that costs in Korea are as low as usually advertised.Secretive or ambiguous pricing policies of Korean hospitals and clinics can create a hidden upside that reduces the final discount to only about 20 percent below American fees.For potential patients most interested in finding the lowest possible prices (never a wise plastic surgery strategy), Korea is far from being the bottom-dweller.Just to the west sits China, where fees can be less than half those in Korea, while farther away in southern Asia is India, where costs can be one-tenth those in the United States.

South Korean Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinics and Justifys

The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic

The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic that has led the Korea’s cosmetic plastic surgery field based on the best medical staff and the state-of-the-art system equipped with sustained growth for more than 10 years, to kick start growth into a global hospital leading the worldwide cosmetic plastic surgery market. To achieve this, The Line Plastic Surgery set up the overall system both internal and external, and is striving to found a joint hospital between Korea and China & to attract foreign patients. Comfort and Continuous Researches in order for clients to live happier lives with confidence through the ceaseless efforts and research activities towards beauty of the medical staffs who put foremost priority on the safety of clients.

JK Plastic Surgery Justify & Clinic

Specialized for aesthetic plastic surgeries, JK is one of the largest plastic surgery justifys in Korea in its scale and number of clinical cases. It is the very first clinic accredited by Korean government as a medical institution for international patients, and its quality management system is certified with ISO 9001 standards. Equipped with up-to-date safety system as well as extensive clinical experience, JK has safely performed more than 40,000 cases of plastic surgeries since it was established in 1998. With its several plastic surgeons all of whom are board-certified, JK shows clinical excellence in overall kinds of plastic surgeries, among which facial bone contouring is especially strong. It offers multilingual consultation service in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Location: Woojin Building 4F, 584-2 shinsa-dong , Seoul, South Korea

Cinderella Plastic Surgery & Justifys

Cinderella Plastic Surgery only recommends the procedure ideal for you after thorough analysis and diagnosis. Trademark registered Plastic Surgery procedures – Multi-Dimensional Celebrity Plastic Surgery and Balance 4D Maxillofacial Surgery are designed to create a perfect face just like a celebrity you admire.
Procedures: Multi-Dimensional Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Balance 4D Maxillofacial Surgery, Circle Eye Surgery, Revision Plastic Surgery, Younger Look Plastic Surgery.

Location: 4F. Ara Tower 1317-20 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

TL Plastic Surgery & Justifys

TL is a human-justifyed clinic and top priority is trust and patient’s safety. The justify try to boost the patients’ inner confidence by changing his/her appearances. TL’s philosophy is confidence in the apperance brings positive energy which can be the foundation to the happiness. TL Plastic Surgery pursues not only offering the highest satisfaction to each and every patient, but also becoming the best clinics in Korea with the latest medical knowledge and advanced technology. TL has a postoperative recovery justify with medical estheticians. This justify offers personalized ‘after care’ program for each and every patient after surgery therefore all the patients can return to their daily life as soon as possible.

Location: B1, 1, 3, 4, 5F 118-1 Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul Korea

Top Class Plastic Surgery Clinic

Plastic surgery is a change for your sense of confidence. Your appearance of which you can be proud of, will leads you to have a winning attitude, which is the power of positiveness to make your whole lift richer and happier. TOPCLASS Cosmetic Surgery with South Korea’s first and best medical team consisting of plastic surgery specialists from Seoul National University and Samsung Seoul Hospital is aimed at natural and first-class changes with their up-to-date medical knowledge and sophisticated operation abilitay corresponding to their renown.

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