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What are the Health Benefits of Chinese Massage?


Jul 27, 2017
What are the Health Benefits of Chinese Massage?

Chinese massages are used to help with the healing of different medical complaints that can afflict people.

Chinese massage, also known as tui na, has been used for medical purposes in China for centuries. It is becoming popular in the West as a means of treating a wide range of health and mental disorders. To perform Chinese massage, the practitioner uses a variety of hand techniques to manipulate the soft tissue of the body. It also employs acupressure to redirect the flow of Qi, or energy, in the body and manual skeletal manipulation techniques to realign the bones and muscles in the body for optimal alignment.

Health Benefits of Chinese Massage

Health Benefits of Chinese Massage

Chinese massage To help us relax there are different types of massage treatments that may be employed. These different treatments may be divided into two schools of treatment. You will find Western based massage treatments as well as Eastern massage treatments. The Chinese massage is just one example of the diverse Eastern massages.In the Chinese massage there are different variations that will assist with relaxing the tense muscles of the body. Some of these Chinese massage techniques furthermore have other healing benefits for the body. In whole of the Chinese massages the person who is having the massage will need to wear loose clothing.

Chinese massage benefits

Improved Emotional Health

On a physical level, Chinese massage can be very relaxing. It relieves stress and tension and improves feelings of well-being. Chinese massage practitioners believe, however, that blockages to the flow of Qi through the body can disrupt the mental state, leading to anxiety and depression. Chinese massage works to realign the Qi and also to remove layers of emotional stress that can build up over time.

Increase metabolism

Massage increases the body’s secretions and excretions; for example, it promotes the production of gastric juices, saliva and urine. It also promotes gas exchange in the lungs, and other physiological activities inside the body. These reflect an overall increase in the metabolic rate.

Improved Immune System

Chinese massage can help stimulate the immune system by increasing the flow of energy, which reduces stress and increases healing. This is accomplished through balancing the body’s energies, releasing tension in the body’s muscles and joints, and improving the body’s elimination of waste. In addition, overall circulation is improved following Chinese massage and the lymphatic system may perform better.

Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Therapeutic Chinese massage techniques that include manipulation of the body’s soft tissues can help relieve stiffness and pain associated with a range of soft tissue injuries including frozen shoulder, low back pain and sciatica.

Circulatory Problems

The main function of Chinese massage is to redirect the flow of Qi, which is responsible for circulatory health benefit, throughout the body. By using different hand techniques and manipulating specific pressure points, the circulatory system is stimulated and re-energized.

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