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How to Find The Best Massage Therapist For You?


Mar 19, 2015
How to Find The Best Massage Therapist For You?

Effective and beneficial massage totally depends upon the masseur or massage therapist. There are many important steps one needs to keep in mind before finalizing a therapist.

Massage therapy is an effective way of treating many health conditions. It has been used since centuries, and is very helpful in relieving not only physical, but also mental and spiritual stress. Different types of massage provide varying benefits. To get an effective massage, you need the right therapist to give you one. Most people are not too sure about how to find the right Massage therapist and style of Massage for them. Some may also have had unfavourable experiences with their massage therapy and have now become averse to it. Getting a massage at a spa may not always be what you are looking for. Only a certified and experienced massage therapist will be able to appropriately look after and manage your needs. Here are some tips to choose the right massage therapist:

What Do You Want From The Massage

There are various types of massage, and the techniques are different for all. First of all, you need to find out what you desire from a massage. Are you looking for a relaxation massage or a deep-tissue massage, acupressure or a craniosacral massage? Get information about various types of massages and find out which one you need. Find out all therapists who have proper training and experience in that particular therapy.


Massage therapists can be trained in a number of modalities. It’s important to research a little bit about the different practices available and then determine the technique that would be best to help achieve your specific treatment goals. A spa may be good for a “feel good” massage, but if you are looking for any specific work including releasing tension in certain muscles or reducing pain, it’s important that you find someone who has training in medical, deep-tissue, neuromuscular or myofascial release therapy. It’s important to understand that massage therapy may not be right in every instance and you should be able to seek out an honest opinion of the therapist you wish to see.

Personal Preferences

Once you have identified your goals and the method of therapy you want to try, decide on things like where you will be getting the session. Whether it should be close to your home, the kind of atmosphere you are looking for etc. Some people prefer a more casual setting while others may not mind a more medical one. You can find information about the centre by looking at the website, calling them and asking or even by visiting the place and understanding how they function and what the setting is like.

License and Certification

Check whether the therapist holds a valid license in massage therapy. Just being licensed is not enough. The person should be a certified professional and should have knowledge about advanced techniques of massage too. Finalize a therapist only when you are convinced about his skills and training.


Though very small, the chances of a massage therapy going wrong do exist. Though this is a rare case scenario, you have to take all possible precautions to avoid any such mishap. So, go for a therapist who has rich experience in his field.

The Approach

It is very important that you speak with the therapist you are planning to go to. This will help you understand what their modality to practice is and the philosophy they adopt with reference to massage & healing. Some therapists will prefer giving a deep-tissue massage and follow a “no-pain, no-gain” approach whilst others work with the natural ability of the body to heal itself and will not use force in their therapies.

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